Joint Ventures

You throw in the land we throw in the knowledge, experience and horsepower needed, and we get the job done. Don’t get cheated and get paid pennies on the dollar for your land, with Shamrock Development & Construction Inc. as your partner you know that your land will bring in top dollar.

Key Benefits of partnering up with Shamrock Development & Construction Inc.

  • Minimum work on your part
  • Get maximum return on your investment
  • Be a part of the development of your land

Capabilities of Shamrock Development & Construction Inc. in joint venture project

Our vast amount of knowledge and experience can add the horsepower needed to turn your land into a “goldmine”.

Knowledge of the development business

Knowledge and the experience of what it takes to get a project approved by the a city in an expedient matter.
Experienced in the construction industry
Highly dedicated team and have the knowledge and experience to build the approved project, we add value to the partnership because we are the contractor for the job.
Value planning and designing
As we are involved in the planning and designing of the project we can help economically engineer the project to help cut construction costs during the construction phase of the project.